Footprints Therapy

Tamara Burnett

Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Tamara is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying). She obtained her Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (MACP) degree and, early on, completed a Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) degree, which was what led her into the healthcare field over 20 years ago. She is registered with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) and is a Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) member. She is also a member of the CCPA’s Social Justice Chapter.

From a kind and genuine approach, Tamara is experienced in supporting youth, adults and families in navigating challenges that emerge from a wide range of difficulties. Tamara has received training in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), and mindfulness. In addition, she has received certification in Somatic Experiencing, Nervous System Healing (Polyval theory based on the work of Dr. Gabor Mate and Peter Levine), Trauma and Attachment Therapy, Neuroplasticity, Mindful Self-Compassion, Meditation, Leadership and Self-development, and Conscious Communication. Through her lived experiences, Tamara is a lifelong learner of mental health and wellness and has extensive experience with a diverse range of issues from anxiety, depression, trauma, neurodiversity, parenting, teen pregnancy, relationships, separation, divorce, grief, life transitions, work-life balance, caregiving, 2SLGBTQ+, and more.

Tamara is passionate about helping clients find emotional and psychological well-being so they can thrive, fostering resilience from evidence-based knowledge.