Footprints Therapy

Psychotherapy / Play Therapy

Play Therapy

Play therapy provides a safe and secure space for children and teens to process life events in smaller, more manageable pieces. Through play non-verbal communication is used to express oneself. During indirect and direct play, therapist may observe behaviour, identify issues and support the individual.

Benefits of Play Therapy

  • Experience emotional regulation and responsibility for their actions.
  • Improve executive function.
  • Increase their sense of self-worth and confidence.
  • Develop social skills

Parent Education

Supporting children and teens in ways that encourages them to become respectful and responsibly adults is a privilege that anyone interacting with children has. Through individual counselling parents are encouragement and supported in the developing incredible relationship with the young people in their lives.


Multi-object tracking system supports the development of executive function, working memory, attention and focus. Online program allows user to access the program at a convenient time. Weekly sessions support the user to explore areas in life they may or may not perceive as prevents them from fulfilling their full potential.


Adlerian Psychology is a holistic psychology that focuses on human behaviour. An individual’s behaviour does not occur in isolation but is socially embedded. A person’s identity and life goals are created early in live and are the primary motivator for the reoccurring behaviour one sees in their life. During individual sessions, early recollection, personal identity and goals are explored. Such elements assist the individual in recognize areas in their life where they have become discouraged.

Complete Circle

We are holistic being, where one aspect of your life impacts the other. Family is not just children, but how children relate to others and the world. Family is not just adults, but how they relate to others and the world. Support the entire family in their own and unique way creates belonging and respect within the family that is paramount and unwavering.