Footprints Therapy

Service Delivery

Comprehensive Assessment

A combination of clinical observation and standardized assessments are used to determine the specific needs of each client. Goals and treatment objectives are then established based on input from clients, families and their therapist.


Therapists at Footprints are available to advise families and other professionals dealing with a variety of situations in community environments.


Direct Intervention

For children, direct individual physiotherapy, occupational therapy and osteopathic manual therapy are available in the home and/or the clinic.
Osteopathic manual therapy and naturopathy are available to clients of all ages.

Home Visits

Footprints offers home visits for individual paediatric physiotherapy and occupational therapy in most areas of the G.T.A. Provision of home therapy is subject to the requirements of the client and family and arrangements made with a Footprints therapist able to meet their needs.